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About me

I’m a self-taught photographer from Belgium.

Passionate about polar regions and marine life, I quickly decided I wanted to dedicate my life to the protection of what I love, and therefore to become a conservation photographer. That’s the path I’ve been chasing ever since.

In 2021, I spent 5 months documenting the resident population of cetaceans of the Teno-Rasca ZEC (Zona Especial de Conservacion) in the south-western coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands, for monitoring purposes (Fin identification). I’m also a certified scuba-diver and training competition freediver, with the goal to eventually put my underwater skills to the service of conservation photography.

During the 2022 edition of the Youmares convention, I had the opportunity to exhibit my images at the Berlin Natural History Museum, with the support of the German Ocean Foundation

My current projects involve a long-term, self-funded photographic series about the North-Atlantic ocean, a  lot of sport and freediving training, and I’m always open to collaborations with marine scientists and fellow conservationists.

I believe photography is one of the best tools to build a bridge between citizens, decision-makers, and marine sciences, as well as to raise awareness on the relentless human-induced pressure threatening ocean habitats worldwide. My hope is to convey my passion through my images and share my drive to preserve our beautiful nature with the world.